Cover Reveal!!! SEX BECOMES HER by Regina Cole

I’ve been trying to hold on to this, but I just can’t anymore!

It’s cover reveal time, Ladies and Germs.

My very first book with Kensington releases in June of 2015. And when you see the cover of this smokin’ hot erotic romance with its Hawaii getaway magical feel, you’re going to wish the months away! I know I am 🙂

Here is the BEAUTIFUL cover designed by the geniuses in Kensington’s art department, and below is the unofficial blurb. Back cover copy is coming soon! And there are a couple of preorder links, so I’ll add those as well. SEX BECOMES HER will be available in both ebook and print! So excite!!! 😀 😀 😀


sex becomes her




When Eliza Jackson is asked to attend her friend’s destination wedding, she’s in a panic. Ever since her last relationship blew up in a frenzy of rumors about her sexual preferences, Eliza has been quite satisfied to be a celibate hermit. But as she’s forced from her self-imposed solitude, she decides to make the most of it. For this next week, Eliza can let her inhibitions go without fear of recrimination. And when she comes home? Nobody has to know that she played pretend. A perfect solution, or so she thinks.

Chandler Morse would never have considered flying all the way to Hawaii for a wedding if anyone but his cousin had asked. But he owed the bastard for saving his life, so he packed his bags and off he went, leaving his frigid ex-wife to pick over the remains of his life. When he laid eyes on the laughing brunette whose pieces didn’t quite fit together, he found himself drawn to her. He tried to tell himself it was his background as a private investigator that drew him to the puzzle, but in reality, their chemistry was too intense to ignore.

Eliza is thrilled to have found someone that can keep up with her adventurous appetites. She and Chandler are much more compatible in bed than she’d ever dreamed, but she still doesn’t dare tell him about her darkest sexual fantasies. And despite her best intentions, Eliza finds herself falling for him. But going back home doesn’t solve the problem, because Chandler is determined to pursue a relationship with her, and she can’t bring herself to say no. And when he learns the truth about her forbidden desires, she fears he’ll run just like everyone else does, and shatter her heart beyond repair. But more than her heart is on the line when Chandler discovers her past. Eliza will have to choose between the person she is, and the one she always wanted to be.


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