The sequel you’ve been waiting for is coming… SEXY LIVING cover reveal!

I’m happy to announce that SEXY LIVING, the anticipated sequel to SEX BECOMES HER, will be available in May 2017! And here’s the cover. 😉 You can sign up for my newsletter here for more updates on this and other new stories, because there’s something else coming much, much sooner than that!! Say, like, October maybe? 😉 You’ll get more information on that in just a week or two, but to tide you over, here’s a little bit about Stacey and Rob.





Coming May 2017 from Regina Cole and Kensington Publishing!

Regina Cole tells a surprising—and sizzling—story about a successful young woman who learns that size is just a number, happiness is hot, and sexy is a way of life…
In her nine-to-five life, Stacey Hough is a confident young woman whose career is going from strength to strength. But a trip to Hawaii for her cousin’s wedding lays bare her deepest insecurities, and she books the first flight home to Atlanta to avoid exposing her curves on the beach. Tired of being unhappy, she decides to take action and heads to the gym. But her personal trainer’s seductive smile and ridiculous muscles make it hard to focus on lifts and lunges…
Robert Liston lives to help people achieve their goals. When Stacey walks into his gym, he sees a voluptuous woman who doesn’t know how beautiful she really is, and he’s determined to help her learn to accept herself. As soon as she starts warming up on the treadmill, things start warming up between them, and it’s only a matter of time before Rob is putting Stacey through her paces at the gym—and in the bedroom. As the line between work and pleasure blurs, Rob must convince her that sexy has nothing to do with the scale—and that her imperfections inspire the greatest passion of all…



Thanks for reading and I appreciate each and every one of you! Did you like SEX BECOMES HER? Let me know in the comments below. 😉



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