Sex Becomes Her

Book Cover: Sex Becomes Her
Part of the Sexy series:


Eliza’s last relationship ended in ruins, and she’s anything but eager to jump back into something serious. A trip to Hawaii for her best friend’s wedding couldn’t come at a better time. Showing up without a date is the least of her worries. In fact, it may even play into her wildest fantasies when the perfect hunk of a man appears before her…


With Chandler’s divorce behind him he’s ready to move on, so he heads to Hawaii for his cousin’s wedding. The moment his eyes encounter Eliza’s sultry curves and sensual lips, he’s more than ready for a night of non-stop sex. But despite the heat of their unbridled carnal pleasure, Eliza is still afraid to tell him about her forbidden desires. And when their casual affair follows them home, it threatens to alter their lives forever.

Reviews:Publishers Weekly wrote:

Publishers Weekly
Cole (Draw Me In) sizzles in this sexy contemporary tale, which manages to be both sweet and red hot. After a vindictive ex-boyfriend broadcasts intimate details of Eliza Jackson’s sexual fantasies, she can’t even grocery shop without malicious comments from other residents of her tiny Ohio town. Fortunately her best friend is getting married in Hawaii, and Eliza can’t get on the plane fast enough. A collision with a handsome stranger, Chandler Morse, leaves her sexy underwear scattered across the airport floor. Of course they’re seated together on the plane; of course he’s a cousin of the groom. The intense chemistry between Chandler and Eliza heats up immediately, and even though both originally figure their relationship is destined to be a vacation fling, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more to say. But will Chandler still want her after he hears the nasty gossip? Cole ably portrays a situation that could happen to anyone brave enough to share their sexual fantasies with a partner. While Chandler is almost too good to be true, readers will cheer for this couple and how they make their way to their happy ending. Agent: Nicole Resciniti, Seymor Agency. (July)

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